iGuy for iPad and iPad Mini: Review & Giveaway!!

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Let me introduce you to the newest addition to our family, iGuy!  iGuy, by Speck is a fabulous free-standing kid-friendly case for the iPad and they offer an iPad Mini Case too. Isn’t he just the cutest? He is the first new addition to our family that doesn’t demand anything of me. He doesn’t need to be fed, changed, or clothed. In fact, he is more of a giver. He gives me peace of mind, eases my anxieties, and even helps me in the kitchen. I know what you are thinking: All that from one little case!?

As many moms can attest the thought of leaving a young child alone with an iPad is enough to bring on heart palpitations.  Of course our biggest fear is them dropping it! Well, you can put those fears to rest when your little one has the iPad all snug and safely stored in the iGuy case.

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Why just the other day I left my toddler with the iPad and no supervision (I was in the house…wasn’t like I left the iGuy to babysit…he only iPadsits). And, guess what else I let my 2 yr. old do?  Walk with the iPad! Shocking right!? And nothing happened to it, she did drop it once but the foam case kept the iPad safe and sound.

Another way in which the iGuy gives this momma peace of mind is that it eliminates my job as a referee. I no longer have to settle the sibling quarrel over who will hold the iPad. The answer is simple, iGuy will!

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I can also sleep easy knowing our eldest won’t pretend to be MacGyver and try to make an iPad stand. And I will not have to rig one up myself either.  MacGyvers we are not! That is a job for iGuy! His foam legs act as a sturdy stand for the iPad. It makes following recipes while preparing meals extremely convenient.

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The iGuy also comes in handy in cases (no pun intended!), hypothetically, where liquids are might be “accidentally” left to close to the iPad.  Like when if you spill your coffee and the stream of coffee beats you to the iPad. iGuy to the rescue! All you would have to do is wipe off the iGuy’s legs, if that ever happens. But I am constantly reminding the children to refrain from any liquids, including their coffee, while using any tech products, so this should never be a concern.

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iGuy has really helped bring peace in our household. As far as I am concerned every parent of young children and old (including those coffee drinking kids) need an iGuy. And now is your chance to enter a giveaway to win an iGuy for either your iPad or iPad Mini!

How to enter the giveaway:

Click here to enter the giveaway

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