The day has finally come! Over two years ago, I sat down and mapped out our dream home on the computer. It was my grown up version of playing the Sims. I never really thought the dream would come true. Call me negative (or realistic) but it seemed like a huge undertaking. But today, my dream is coming true. The back deck is being torn up as I write and while I’m mourning the loss of our beautiful outdoor space (kinda not really), I am so incredibly excited for what the future holds. Our dream home.. coming to life right before our eyes. And MY design! I could not be more lucky to have a boyfriend and a boyfriend’s father who put up with me.. : p

This week has been awesome, I have to say. My weekend with the bride-to-be could not have been any more fun. I will not go into detail about the level of debauchery that existed, it really is too inappropriate. Let’s just say a few words: man stripper peen to the face.


I’ll let that one sink in.


That is all folks.

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Comment by Wellington Chic on September 14, 2013 at 2:47am

Hi Lana, how exciting to be building your dream home - yeah!  Look forward to hearing of the progress. 

I would love to have the chance to build a home again in future and hope to some day soon.  

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