Hello, hello my Darling Friend... Can you believe it?  Three, yes THREE posts in one week!  This calls for a new shade or two of lipstick for me... you know my Dear, I need every excuse possible for a new tube of color so that when I receive my credit card statement at the end of the month, the Hubby knows what my motives were for visiting the cosmetic counter soooo many times!

Why a post so soon Caffe?  Well Darling, I got a comment from my Dear Friend Kim who is the mastermind behind Kimba the Caffeinated (Ha!  See, we have lots in common!) Book Reviewer yesterday about the Linky Follower.  And you know what?  She got me thinking about all the ways to follow a blog from Facebook to Twitter, receiving emails... aren’t those all available to all blog platforms?  Have I lost my mind and got sucked in on this whole Follow thing?  I mean really!...  Like GFC was the one and only!  But why does this bother me so much?

These questions represent a type of insecurity that I refuse to be a part of! A little part of... sort of part of?  I think I don’t like change, except my lipstick color of courseand maybe that stupid little GFC box makes me feel... relevant.  There, I said it.

Maybe I’ve been misled... how many times have you been to a blog that has thousands of followers but hardly any comments?  Are these bloggers only doing blog hops and nothing else?  Does that make one feel important because they have many followers?... I'm not sure what the point is, because as you scroll down the page, there’s no content!  You know you’ve seen these before, right Darling?
So thank you my Dear Kim for reminding me that no matter how many followers I have, what’s relevant is not the numbers, it’s the loving interactions I receive from YOU!
Well my cup is emp... huh?  I didn’t fill our cups??  SHAME ON ME!  Where did my manners go?  Out the window along with my insecurities... Come again Darling as I always appreciate when you stop by...  Ta Ta! 

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