I just happened to turn on the TV for a second the other night before I went to bed.  I was already half asleep and was just looking for some noise to put me out all the way.  The Letterman show was on which I would normally kill faster than lightning.  Thank God it was dark and it took me a second longer to find the severely worn numbers.  Since I'm an 80's kid when I noticed the man with the second ugliest mug in the world (Jay Leno holds 1st place for sure) was interviewing the Back To the Future Legend I decided to stick around for a second.

back to the future pic

For some reason every time I see Michael J Fox I immediately hope for a surprise appearance from Marty McFly that causes a short comeback with high top shoes.  I could give a care less if he ever reunites with the whining sisters of Family Ties. This man should NOT be remembered as Alex P Keaton.  In my eyes he will always be the talented Back To the Future Star.  Or so I thought.....

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