The hardest job I’ve ever had

has little Napoleons for bosses

they are constantly making a mess

and I often cut my losses

no longer can I hang out

because my hours are grueling

on call 24 7

“wait…is that a cat that I hear mewling?”

no its just one of the mini me’s

jabbering at 2am

the twins decided to have a play date

at dark thirty

on a whim

this job saps my resources

I’m spending money on a daily basis

nothing left for cute shoes

can’t go to fancy places

they eat more than three grown men

these little bosses of mine

if they eat this much at 4 and 1

lord help me at 12 and 9!!

my bosses are exacting

they expect a lot from me

and I don’t have just one of them

not 2

yes yes I have THREE!!!

three little mini tyrants

who constantly  put me to task

my payment is their happiness

its their joy in which I bask

the benefit package is lacking

and the vacation time is nil

despite this they expect me to be happy

often against my will

I complain about this job daily

cause I’m often put to the test

long hours

little compensation

and many days no rest

But my twins and my big girl

make me realize what most can not

that despite not having what I want

truth be told I have a lot…

job of mom

This poem © MoodyMommi Published Dec 5, 2012

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Tags: girls, love, mom, motherhood, multiples, of, poetry, twins, work


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Comment by Moody Mommi on December 23, 2012 at 11:05am

Thank you so much!!!  They are all a riot and they keep me on my toes!!!  THE most opposite twins ever and a dancing diva as a big sister!!!   Thanx for taking the time to comment, much appreciated!!!

Comment by Damir Perge on December 23, 2012 at 10:54am

Oh, what a beautiful poem. I am a twin myself and I remember what my mom did for us when we were little and still does for us as adults. It gets fun at 12 and 9 but it gets interesting when they get into teenager years. 

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