We talk about Bucket List and what we want to accomplish in our life time. Well I am doing a list on things I want to accomplish in year 2013.
I am calling it...
“My Mop List"
I think I can mop this list up with ease.
I have made list in the past and they usually get misplaced or thrown away because I give up on my list. But here are 10 things I would like to accomplish in the year 2013 and mark then off “My Mop List”…
1.    Finish painting the hallway…we started painting our family room 2 year ago. Not sure why my husband didn’t complete the job. Maybe because I never nagged  him. But I think I can handle a small hallway
2.    Paint my bedroom…we haven’t painted our bedroom in 18 years it needs a healthy sprucing up!
3.    Ride my motorcycle to work on nice days… I only work a few miles from home I just got new saddle bags for my bike so now I can put my stuff in and ride.
4.    Go on a couple's only trip 2 times this year...our kids are 19/16.5 I think they can handle being home one night on their own. Plus my in-laws live 1 block away and my sister-in-law live right down our block.
5.    Go to the Cubs game with my family… that was a “Mother’s Day” promise gift 2 years ago. It is time I collect.
6.    Lose my weight…this has been an ongoing struggle. Wish me luck!
7.    Do a 5k run…I have always wanted to do one. So hopefully I can mark this off my list.
8.    Make dinner for a month straight…except Saturday I need one day off…trying to save money so keep your fingers cross. This is going to be the tough one. I do not like to cook.
9.    Have a regular “Date Night” once a month with my husband. We use to do this a lot we would go to the same place every Saturday. But I want a real date night. You know dinner/movie/going to the beach. We should take turns in planning these DN… That’s only fair.
10 Have “Family Night” once a month. We need to spend more family time My kids are always busy and they are growing up so fast.(son19-daughter16)
What is your mop list? Make one and let’s see how we do at the end of the year.                            

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Comment by Victoria on December 11, 2012 at 10:03pm

If you can do 7, and then challenge your self again once you have met 7; and you can make 8 about saying YES to healthy food instead of saying NO to not so healthy food. Then 6 can be crossed out and forgotten about. Who needs the extra headache of worrying about a number on a scale that just lets you know how your mass interacts with gravity.

Being active and eating healthy = way more important than what gravity thinks.

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