Last week, my washing machine starting have "issues". It did not agitate.  David fixed it, for less than 10 bucks, when it would have cost me hundreds for a service person to come out.

{Flash back to how it used to be when living alone.. ...................... eeeekkkkk!!  Ok, I'm done.}

Those years were spent, spending a lot more money than necessary, to pay someone else a ridiculous amount of money to tell me something was broken and needed to be fixed, for yet even more money.

Now, I have my own personal handyman. I think I'll keep him.

AND  Yippee!! I am free to wash dirty socks and underwear again. Why does that make me so happy? I seriously enjoy doing laundry. I'm so weird.

In addition to being a handyman, Hubhunk has this fixation on projects. Projects make him happy. He may not outwardly agree to that, but I can see the spark in his eyes when he gets out his tape measure to assess an idea or modification of something. Oh yessssssss. He loves his projects. And because of that, I try to be a good wife and support giving him projects. It's a tough road to travel but I sacrifice. sigh.

So in order to support him, I have requested my kitchen bar to be re-done. Am I supportive, or what?! Yeah I know! I feel really happy to be such a good help meet for him. This is a before picture

It was ok - but there is a big open area in the middle of unused space. And I'm always in need for more counter top area. So the bar is going to be cut away and moved to the middle and then another section made to join it with the wall. Sort of like a U-shape.

This is after the bar has been detached from the wall and moved to the center.

That's all we have at this point. David went out today and bought the wood. He was driving back home and it started raining. He referred to it as driving through a typhoon. But I think he exaggerated a bit because he was mad this wood got all wet. Because here at home....I didn't see any typhoon. Now it needs to dry out before he can do anything.

This picture means nothing. It was in the wee hours of the morning. I was really tired. So I took a picture of my foot.


I am really excited over this project and I will post updates as I have them.


The kids are doing good in school. I am enjoying all the mound of paperwork to read every evening. Remember my new dry erase board that didn't serve much of a purpose?

Well, it is filled now with reminders for school. Monday is show and tell ( I MUST NOT FORGET THAT), Tuesday - wear red to school., Wade has to supply snacks this week, and send in fund raiser tickets.

I need a bigger board.

Last week we ate dinner with Mimi & Pop ( My mom and dad). Then went to the donut place for ice cream.  I have so many pictures of Zoe in a donut hat eating ice cream. She just looks so darn cute I can't help but take her picture when we are there. Even though I have about 10 other ones from different times that look exactly the same. Oh well. I'm a mom. And that's what mom's do. Take pictures of their kids in hats.

I can't really think of anything else for this update... oh, wait - here is something. I'm trying to teach the kids to wipe their own butts. Nice, huh? But I'm such a control freak about bottom cleanliness, I'm always stepping in to wipe the be-hind when needed. But since the kids are going to the big K5 this year, they need to learn this skill. It's tough folks. I'm coaching them from the sidelines telling them stuff like "Yeah, that's right. Good job". "NO! not there!" " Wait, you are not done." " Make sure only the toilet paper touches your skin, NOT YOUR FINGERS!"  "Stop!! Ok, never mind, you are doing it right." " Ok, now wash your hands. Really good."

Man, this bugs me. I wish I could go to school with them to be their butt wiper.

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Comment by Mango Chutney on August 22, 2011 at 10:33am
I think the foot picture is the best part, and I have tins of laundry that needs some of that love you're giving :)
Good going on the project!

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