Yesterday I was to the point where I needed a break. Not a long break, but a break.

Poor E was so fussy yesterday and I couldn't find anything that would soothe him. I also hadn't left the house in a really long time. I needed "me" time. I feel guilty even writing that! E is only 6 weeks old and I already need a break for myself? What kind of mother am I? Come to find out...a damn good one!

Not to toot my own horn (but beep beep), but me leaving E with his daddy at home was the best thing I could have done for both--no, all THREE of us. I think E needed it as well!

My fellow moms, I have outlined what took place and how I figured out my baby knows what I need:

4:00 p.m.  I'm going to go crazy. K has been running his errands all day. What about my errands?? I have things I need to do! I don't know what E wants and he doesn't know what he wants in order to tell me what he wants! I'm telling K to watch E so I can leave.

4:15 p.m. Finally, out of the house! Fresh air feels good. The air kind of smells here. Thanks Texas. First stop, UPS!

4:18 p.m. Wow, it feels good to be in the car and able to listen to my music as loud as possible. Jam session time! I should think of even more errands I need to run.

4:30 p.m. UPS screwed up and now it's my job to do their job. Hmm... I wonder what E is up to right now. 

4:40 p.m. I'm going to call my mom and see what she's up to. Oh! I can tell her how E is getting really good at holding his head up! And now he's really talkative at night, and how horrible I feel that he has to get circumcised next week, poor baby.  (Spent the whole time talking about E). 

4:55 p.m. The tanning salon!!! I have never been so excited to potentially get skin cancer before in my life. A blonde with fair skin should NEVER go this long without getting some color on her skin. I wonder if K has fed E yet? E needs a bath, maybe I can do that with him tonight. He also loves his baby massage I give him. He's so cute.

5:15 p.m. Man, I feel like a new woman! I feel like I've been gone a really long time though. Maybe I should just skip the rest of the errands and go home. No. I'm out of the house...gotta finish! I'm sure E is doing just fine. I'm free...right? Yes. Free.

5:30 p.m. The bank won't give me a money order for E's birth certificate because I don't have an account at their bank. Now they want me to go to the grocery store to get one. That's an added stop before I go home!! Ugh. 

5:45 p.m. Walgreens pharmacy. Check! Now to the store? Maybe I should call K and see if E needs anything. I hope E isn't driving K crazy. I'm probably the only person that can understand what E needs. Maybe he just wants his mom to hold him. I bet E misses me. I haven't been away from him this long since he was born. I should hurry at the store so E can see me. Run in--run out! That's it!

6:00 p.m. Ahhhhh!! I need to see E!! I miss him; I need to hold him. Surely he misses me. What if he forgot who I was? What if he hasn't even noticed I'm gone? I need to get back. Look! There aren't even any front row parking spots at the store! And ALL of these people here after work?? It's so crowded! F this! Money order can wait! Mama's coming home E!!!!

You see what happened there? It's the miracle of being a mother. I think God designed us that way for a reason. No matter how much "me" time I needed, I was gone for 30 minutes before I already started to miss him! It was like a reset button had been pressed. And you know what was the best part of all of it? It's like the little booger had his reset button pressed too! He knew what I needed and he let me have it. I walked through the door and K was holding him in the living. I went over to them and E took one look at me and got the biggest grin on his face! Did I mention that yet? His smiles are no longer just gas smiles or sleeping smiles; E has genuine I'm-happy-to-see-you/this-makes-me-laugh smiles!

I'm not done there. I hung out with E all night. Playing with him, cheering for a football game on TV with him, talking to him, and I let K go to the garage to work on his toys all night. Then another miracle took place. E went to bed at 10, woke up at midnight to be fed and changed, and went back to sleep at one. At that time I also got in bed, expecting to wake up in two hours like normal. E didn't wake up until five in the morning! FOUR HOURS OF STRAIGHT SLEEP! I haven't had four hours of sleep without the help of K since he was born!

You see? My baby is psychic!!! He knew I needed a break and he gave it to me. I came back home and he was the happiest baby in Texas. Then, out of the blue, he decided he was going to let me get sleep--something I desperately needed! This isn't just a team effort between me and K. This is a group effort among the three of us. We are all in-tune with what the others need. It's honestly the first real family moment we have had. Family is more than just hanging out together or living under the same roof. More than just our blood line or last name. Family is recognizing the needs of others and providing it. It's loving those people no matter what. It's the support group that God provides for each of us. I have my support group: my psychic baby and my boyfriend. This trio is going to be unstoppable!

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Comment by Mama (Karen) Carmody on January 11, 2013 at 9:30pm

It was good for E and Daddy to get some time together too. You can only be a great mom if you take care of yourself too. Good job!

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