I don’t instagram, but I do take TONS of iphone pics.  I love how they capture real life!  A few months back I did a post full of iphone photos and I thought it’d be nice to keep it up.

Here’s Davey making me crazy.  I love this kid, but he is DETERMINED to stand on top of the table… at least 10 times a day.

I hope I never take for granted that my boys love each other.  I don’t have much to compare it to, but Elijah is the best big brother.  They are starting to fight over toys and stuff, but at the end of the day…. they are best

Is there anything better than new jammies?  I found these at a local second hand store, and had extreme guilt for not giving then to Jeanne for her little guy.  The kid says horse at least 1000 times a day!  photo-15

Elijah has given me a tough time with food lately, so this pic reminds me that he does in fact try new things!  But who doesn’t like Pad Tai?!photo-9

Another thrift store find… I bought this Spider Man sheet thinking it fit a twin bed.  Turns out it fits a crib mattress, but David didn’t seem to mind.


If it weren’t for Legos (and puzzles and clothing and food), our house would always be

He’s the

And so is he…photo-18We had a huge snow fall, and I asked Elijsh if he wouldn’t mind shoveling the back yard… he was pumped for about 2 minutes!


My boys rarely have matching clothes, but when they do I wonder why I don’t do this every. single. day?

Oh… I got bangs!  Considering I have had the same haircut for a decade this was a big deal!  John was working late, and I had the urge.  I cut them myself, and they are finally starting to grow on me.

photo-10Thank you Lord for the iPhone!

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