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My Take On The Sons Of Jude: First in a series of suspenseful police thrillers that will grab your attention from the start. Officer Frank Campello loses his longtime partner Rand, Frank is assigned a new partner Andy Polanski not long after his friend, and partner was killed in a shootout. Frank’s district commander Julio Lopez tells Frank more or less that he does not have a choice in the matter; he is to keep an eye on this Polanski character. Campello does not trust Polanski, which made it hard to be assigned to investigate the murder of Trina Martinez with his new partner. Campello has his hands full watching Polanski is every move and trying to investigate a homicide. Very fast-paced book full of police corruption thrills and chills. I enjoyed the mystery, suspense, and realism that Dodson has written in this book. A former cop himself having an insider’s view of what it is like to work in law enforcement makes this book that much more exciting, and sit on the edge of your seat crime thriller you won’t want to put down. From The Back Cover: When Chicago detectives Frank Campello and Andy Polanski are assigned to investigate the murder of Trina Martinez it seems like an ordinary homicide. An unfortunate young girl in the wrong place at the wrong time has been brutally murdered. But their investigation is halted by a wall of silence, a wall erected by powerful interests that will render their inquiry a lost cause. Then they enlist the support of reporter Christy Lee – and come under immediate fire. Polanski is arrested. Campello threatened. Christy is attacked. It’s the case that every cop gets. The one that changes his life. The one where justice is elusive and the hunter becomes the hunted. Frank Campello and Andy Polanski are The Sons of Jude.

About Brandt Dodson: Brandt Dodson was born and raised in Indianapolis, Indiana, which he would later choose as the setting for his Colton Parker Mystery series. Although he discovered in grade school that he wanted to be a writer, it would be another twenty-one years before he would put pen to paper.“I knew in fifth grade that I wanted to be a writer. Our teacher had given each of us a photograph which we were to use as inspiration for a short story. The particular photo I was given was of several young men playing handball in New York City. I don’t remember all of the particulars of the story now, but I do remember the thrill that writing it gave me.” Later, while in college, one of Brandt’s professors would echo that teacher’s comment. “But life intervened and I found myself working at a variety of jobs. I worked in the toy department of a local department store and fried chicken for a local fast food outlet. Over the course of the next several years I finished my college degree and worked for the Indianapolis office of the FBI, and served for eight years as a Naval Officer in the United States Naval Reserve. I also obtained my doctorate in Podiatric Medicine, and after completion of my surgical residency, opened my own practice. But I never forgot my first love. I wanted to write.” During his early years in practice, Brandt began reading the work of Dean Koontz. “I discovered Dean’s book, The Bad Place, and was completely blown away by his craftsmanship. I read something like 13 or 14 of his back list over the following two weeks. It wasn’t long after that I began to write and submit in earnest.” Still, it would be another twelve years before Brandt was able to secure the publishing contract he so desperately desired. “I began by writing the type of fiction that I enjoyed; I wrote edgy crime thrillers that were laced with liberal amounts of suspense. Over the years, I’ve begun to write increasingly more complex work by using broader canvases and themes. Since securing his first contract, Brandt has continued to pen the type of stories that inspired him to write when he was a boy, and that have entertained his legions of readers. “I love to write, and as long as others love to read, I plan on being around for a long time to come.” Brandt Dodson’s latest book is the crime thriller The Sons of Jude.

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