New Year, New You! But, what about your closet?

Every new year, we make goals, promises, and/or resolutions to improve ourselves from the prior year. I wanna lose weight, travel more, read more books, spend less money, etc. The list goes on and on, but what about your fashion resolutions?  Aside from maybe cutting back on frivolous spending, if that's your vice, what would you like to do differently this year, fashion wise?  When is the last time, you upgraded your style?  Do you have a style?  Do you want a style?

With only a week into the new year, this is a great time to take an inventory of your closet.  We're not looking for what you have, but moreso we're making an assessment.  What do you buy?  What colors do you see over and over?  Do you have more casual wear or business attire?

Now, after making your assessment, let's talk about what you want to change in the new year.  Would you like to wear heels more?  Do you have 1000 pairs of jeans, and want to take that casual closet up a notch to something alittle more dressier?  Do you only buy a certain color, and want to try new palettes? Do you want to feel sexier? Or, do you just want more outfit ideas?

"I want to change my look, but I'm not sure to what?"  The internet is your friend.  What celebrity do you think is always dressed nice.  You know the "O-M-G, I would love to get the clothes ______ throws out."  Go to google, and search their name with "street style".  Click on the images tab.  This will show you all the paparazzi pictures of them off the red carpet, just out and about, some looking great, some looking like YIKES, you may need a new celeb lol ... If you don't have a favorite celebrity style, you can also search by major city with those search terms.  (ie. New York street style)

An ongoing theme on this blog will be finding your "You."  Yeah, the outfits are cute, sometimes lol, but the goal is to get those creative juices in you bubbling again.  You don't need a large wardrobe, sometimes lol, work with what you have or with the resources that you have.

Your homework is to .. take an assessment of your closet.  Decide what you want to do differently this year fashion wise.  Write a list and keep a note in your phone.  Create a vision board (pictures on a poster board is great) of staple pieces you want/need would like in your 2013 wardrobe.  If your vision board is to try new things, don't cheat yourself by having all of your old faithful pieces on it.  New year, new you, right?!  I'll be working on the same, and we'll reconvene on this topic in a few days.

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