Wow! It has been far too long since I last posted up here at Bloggy Moms. 

It makes me a little sad to think about it actually.

I've been on quite a journey over the past year, including finally accepting and growing accustomed to the ins and outs of having both Lupus and Psoriatic arthritis, letting go of a business that I finally realized I had no passion for, and starting a new business with my husband that we both love. AND the really fun part about our new business is that Dylan is officially now a blogger! (clapping happily!).

That is something I never thought would happen.

What began as a monster (as in big and awesome) affiliation, morphed into a personal coaching business. We both learned so much about ourselves and have made the biggest changes, and we've discovered that we both really have a passion for helping other people find their own, amazing personal power as well.  

We do hold the affiliation because it is what allows us to bring quite a chunk of $$ into our household, Dylan has been able to quit 2 of 3 jobs outside the home and we've launched Climb Into Power, both the blog and the facebook fanpage as a means for people to connect and discover ways to break down barriers and reach goals that they've, up until this point, been afraid to really reach for.

We'd love it if you'd check out either one!

Blog: Climb Into Power with Dylan and Leslie

Facebook: Climb Into Power

We were so busy with all of that, that I went through a time where I couldn't really decide what to do with Normal Abnormality (my original mommy blog). But just a couple of days ago, I decided to keep it. After all, a woman needs a place where she can enjoy a momma snark fest and blow off some steam once in a while at least. Right?

And finally, Dylan and I have started training for Tough Mudder...seriously this time. It's going to be in Avon Colorado in June and we've got quite the team going!!! 

So it's been busy and crazy, but we're finally settling in to our new and fabulous life and it's really, really nice to be back here blogging with all of you lovely, amazing Mommas!



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