Probably an effective writing advice is to read your work aloud. Do this for your every work. There is a great difference between really hearing your words than merely reading with your eyes and thinking about your words. Here are some other advice from writers.

Another writing advice you can consider using is to write one or two more versions of the story or article you are doing. The versions could take the perspectives of different persons. For example, if you are tackling school life, you can write the topic using the varied perspectives of the student, the teacher and the parents.

Further, advices in writing include getting out of your usual set up or your comfort zone. For example, you can deliberately write something while waiting for a meeting to start in 15 minutes. Doing so will give you a different situation in which there are many factors which are changed. It will give you a chance to get new and different ideas which you will otherwise not get in your usual environment. Go out of your routine and usual working patterns.

Aside from the usual advice to read a lot, you can also open your senses to different forms of communications like music, entertainment, sports and many others. You can get ideas, information and lessons from them. I have a friend who is also a writer. He realised that he learned more than one half of his communication skills and language styles and honed the same percentage from watching basketball games.

What is important in learning how to become a writer is to learn and do not stop doing so. You should continue improving. Exploring other oppourtunities and expanding your repertoire is also advisable. Your career will limitless and so will be your freelance writer salary.

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