Recycling Crayons

Now here is a really great idea, one which I wish I had known about 5 years go!! I am sure all moms who have kids who own little art boxes will agree on this. I know I have a love hate relationship with crayons. I love the  joy the bring but arghhh what to do with the little bits of broken ones!

  • What you need:
  • Unused broken crayons
  • Cookie sheet or other oven safe tray (We recommend this because you can make really great shapes for tiny hands!)

For other shapes chocolate moulds work really well!

Get peeling – you only want to melt the crayons

Break up the crayons and put them into groups. (if possible try keep same or similar colours together.

Pop them into your cookie sheet

Preheat your oven to 275 degrees and place the cups on the cookie sheet.

Put the cookie sheet into the over for approximately 10 minutes – make sure that the crayons melt.

You can leave your crayons in the baking sheet OR you can put them into your chocolate moulds.

The really cool part about this idea is that you can now have crayons for every holiday or season!

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Comment by MamaTalesBlog on March 11, 2011 at 3:44am
It sounds like this would also make a great gift or stocking stuffer if you used a mold.  Great idea!

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