I LOVE finding new uses for t-shirts. For one, knit fabrics are actually kind of expensive. Also, it's a great way to refashion old shirts that are filling up closets. 

For this project, I used one of my husband's old shirts, and a cute striped thrifted shirt from the women's department. I loved the stripes and I also liked the cute little slit; perfect for a skirt. 

One of the wonderful things about this skirt: It. Is. Comfortable. You feel like you are wearing sweats, but you ware wearing a cute skirt! It's wonderful! 

Bonus: it's also super easy to sew!


Thrifted T-shirt ( I used two because I wanted it to be knee-length)


Safety Pin

1.  Cut your shirt under the sleeves. 

If using one shirt, you can skip to step 5.  

2. Cut a few inches from your second shirt. If it's hem is straight, keep it, if not, trim the bottom. 

Now, my women's shirt was wider than my men's shirt, so I actually had to cut a second strip of black and sew the two together to make it long enough. Two men's shirts should match up even enough for you to just cut two strips. 

3. Sew the strip ends together and pin it to the top of your skirt. Put the top inside the main part, like you are sewing a sleeve, RIGHT sides together. All seams should be showing out. Match up the edges and pin. 

4. Sew around where you have pinned. 

5. Now,  to make the elastic casing, fold down the top. I don't fold under twice for two reasons. One, knits don't fray, so a raw edge won't come back to haunt you after the first wash. Two, several layers of knit tend to be hard to sew through, causing thread breakage and skipped stitches, so I just opt out. 

Make sure to leave a few inches un-sewn so you can thread through your elastic. 

Attach a safety pin and push your elastic through the casing. Once it's through, sew the ends of the elastic together and sew up the hole. 

Now, just even out your elastic and you are done!

The most comfortable skirt you will ever wear. I actually gave this one to my sister, who is pregnant!

Thanks for reading!

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