You know that moment when your little one is napping and your relaxing on the sofa when suddenly the toys start activivating themselves? Yeah this post is about that.
Rio got the laugh and play puppy for christmas. Sometimes he likes it, sometimes he doesnt. 90% of the time its sat on his pushalong in silence..until last night! Why must they do that? Now im not normally phased about spooky things, hey its frequent talk topic in our family, we all like abit of paranormal but when it involves children or childrens toys? Blerghhhh!! Heeby jeebies. That little puppy randomly saying "bye bye" nearly made me have my first case of post child incontinence.

So do your childrens toys like to set themselves off? Apparently its another thing i need to get used to in mummyworld!

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Comment by Erin Shebish on March 13, 2013 at 7:54pm

LOL! We have a rocket ship that will make blast off noises randomly. Pretty sure the toy companies actually hate nap time... and moms sanity. ;)

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