I just spent the last 5 hours decorating a pre-school in Sandy Hook with the most beautiful and creative snowflakes I have ever seen.  They were in every size, shape and color and some were even three dimensional and they were gorgeous.  Some of them were so detailed it probably took a long time to create.

It warmed my heart to finally do something for the Sandy Hook town.  A Mom brought us 100's of snowflakes that were left over from the new school.  With the help of her and her children, my best friend (who is head teacher at the school) and myself we created a beautiful Winter Wonderland for her pre- school children to come back to.

Each child will also find a special surprise in their cubby hole tomorrow - a new teddy bear!

As we opened each box we could not believe all the different states that they were coming from, it really made you feel that in times of need we are truly all there for each other.



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Comment by Maureen Lucier on January 5, 2013 at 4:11pm

Thank you for your kind words...

I am so happy to have been a tiny part of what so so many people have done for each other in Newtown.   A few weeks back my daughter and I stopped at the general store on Main Street, we were starving and had a long day ahead of us. We each ordered a sandwich and drinks when we got to the cashier and handed her the money she said "anything you buy today is Free".  I said "excuse me what?"  A family in Newtown paid for everyone's purchases that day.  I was stunned and said "here please take this and put it in the Sandy Hook Fund".   I lived in Sandy Hook for over 6 years and never wanted to leave.  My next home actually will be back there as soon as I sell my house.   

Comment by Christina Chavez on January 5, 2013 at 3:53pm

This is truly beautiful and inspirational... and will mean so much to the children, their parents and the school staff!

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