I just wanted to share my favorite homemade mask. I found the recipe for this mask when I was pregnant with my son and my face was breaking out horribly. {This is not my own original recipe} Unfortunately, I cannot find the original source, I will keep looking and add it if I am able to find it.

I had read that the usual chemicals commonly used for acne are not very good for the baby, but since sulfur is a natural mineral, topical use doesn't affect the baby at all.
This recipe also uses Fuller's Earth Clay, which has been used for centuries in India. Fuller's earth is a natural cleanser and draws out oil and other impurities from your skin.

1 tsp Sulfur {Found here}
3-5 Tbl Fuller's Earth (Multani Mitti) {Found Here}

Simply mix all ingredients together. I didn't measure the water, I just added more until it was the right consistency. A baby food jar is a perfect size.

The reason for the gradient in the amount of Fuller's earth depends on how strong you want your mask. There are 3 (American) tsp in 1 Tbl, so with a 3 Tbl formula, you would have about a 11% solution. I would be careful making it any stronger than that. Sulfur works by drying your blemishes, so too much may lead to skin irritation.

I use mine as a spot treatment, but I also do a whole mask a few times a month.

Hope it works for you, thanks for reading!

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