Surrender. Simply put, it is the secret to life. But how do we do it? With every breath we take, God is imploring us, petitioning us, begging us to let go of our death grip on all the things in our lives and simply sit down quietly, with prayers in hand, lay them gently into His, and wait. That’s surrender.

Your children

You are in an impossible situation. You don’t know what to do to help your child. Through exhaustion and desperation, you finally let go and hand it over to God. You experience what happens when you only offer prayer, not advice or commands. God begins to move in your child’s life, because you are out of the way. Your faith has set great things into motion. That’s surrender.

Your family relationships

We are pleasers.When we realize that a family member just does not want our help, we finally, through frustration, stop trying to change things. Our attention can then go back to pleasing God. Tension releases. Examples are being set. Positive steps are made. Relationships get better. That’s surrender.

Your job.

Perhaps it’s not satisfying. Maybe it’s even kind of a toxic environment. Your family suffers because you’re away. Then, because you’re so unhappy, you lose that job. You’re devastated because it’s gone. Then, through your desperation, you turn back to God. You begin to see your true potential and your true purpose. What you once saw as loss, you begin to see as a tremendous gain. In essence you begin to see that He took you away from that which kept you from Him. You start to feel revitalization in your life and a new purposeful energy. That’s surrender.

Your money.

You’re way too low on it. Suddenly the thought of tithing is nagging at you uncontrollably. You throw your hands up and say, “Okay God, prove to me that you’re in control!” And He does…every time! You see very tangible signs that for the first time in a long time, you are in direct communication with God. You are fully asking Him to guide you financially and then without hesitation you ask Him to guide you in every other aspect of life. That’s surrender.

Your self esteem.

You try so hard to do everything right. It’s not working. You feel like a failure. You hurt. You lay in bed and say, “I give up.” You finally let go. You allow yourself to not have to…

“be beautiful”,

“be smart”,

“be influential”,

but rather just “be” for a while.

You get still enough to finally feel God’s gentle hand turning you down a different path, your path. For the first time in a long time, you hear His voice. And it tells you that you are so wonderful in His eyes. You melt into His arms. That’s surrender.

Sometimes surrender happens voluntarily, but most of the time it happens out of desperation for change. He is in it all and He is simply going to any lengths to bring you back home.

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Comment by Mari Corona on August 18, 2013 at 3:39pm
As someone who had always been a control freak per say, through my new found practice of Meditation and Yoga I can understand the importance of surrender :)

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