Anyone willing to admit that they watched Weird Science back in 'the day'? I am. There's only one reason I did though.

I wanted to be Kelly LeBrock. I wanted my hair to curl like hers did. I wanted my lips to be pouty and full like hers are. And I wanted to have her body; long legs, curves, perky boobies. Well, heck, she was created from a Barbie after all, right? Of course she was perfect.

(And yes, I said boobies.)

To add insult to injury, after Weird Science, Kelly did a series of commercials for Pantene. Remember the tag line? "Don't hate me because I'm beautiful." It takes a lot of confidence to stand in front of a camera and say that, don't you think? Kelly could say it because it was true.

Those five words were the first thing I thought of when I saw this picture. That pot pie is beautiful and it knows it.  Puff pastry can do that for just about anything. >Read more and view the recipe.

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