I long for an Africa that is not ravaged by disease, war, famine

Where a mother doesn’t have to watch her child die of starvation

Where our children take up books and not guns

Where young girls don’t have sex as a pastime

Where young men don’t have to kill as a career


What would it take to have an Africa known for what it really is and possess

Wonderful biodiversity in deserts, tropics, savannahs and plains

The plant and animal species that have been and still being severely plundered over centuries?

What of the natural resources that have enriched other nations over centuries?

What of Africa’s people who can still smile and trust even after years of abuse through slavery?


Will today’s children be successful and world renowned leaders in the future?

Will they be any different from their forefathers who are known for corruption and greed?

Having come into power, promising to share the wealth of Africa with everyone

Only to plunder and enrich themselves at the expense of the nation they claim to live and die for

Turning a blind eye to the untold suffering of their own people every day.


What would it take to have the Africa I long for?

Would it take Africa’s own children, refusing to take a quick buck at the nation’s expense?

Or would it take The Establishmentalso not offering the greedy, a chance to enrich themselves?

To give the ordinary Africans a chance, not close doors in the name of visas and permits

After all everyone else is free to come into Africa.


I long for an Africa where Africans can enjoy sunrise and sunsets

Without fear if they can make it through just another day

Without worrying where the next meal is coming from

Where children can run and play knowing they have a bright future

That they can stand up and say I am African and be welcomed across the world with open arms

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Comment by rachel chitongo on June 21, 2014 at 12:21pm

Thank you Bloggy Moms, I am very encouraged.   My goal is to share the positives of Africa because as an African I am tired of being associated with degradation.  Much love

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