I love when I run out of time in a day to really sit and think about what I want to share with you guys, because when this happens the coolest things pop in my life. So tonight I am going to share with you something that I found last night and I think was a lot of fun.


So as always I got through this down one of those rabbit holes you take in life and especially online (or as I like to call it work) when you find something that peaks your interest. I saw a picture, that lead me to a website, and that lead me to this product. I laughed so hard when I saw it; I thought I was going to cry.


Let Me Introduce You To The Daddle!


So have you ever been playing horsey ride with your little one and wished that there was a better way for them to hold on? I know that there were times I have watched my husband do this and had to look away. (I think it is a preemie mom thing, they have been through so much and you worry about every bump like it is going to be a major problem. Or it could be just me, because it is not like he is giving them a wild bronco ride. Just a little mozy around the living room.


Okay so back to the point, have you ever wished there was a saddle for dad? (And I realize how that sounds so nothing weird okay.) Well apparently there is a saddle for dad. It is called a Daddle. And it really does go on dad’s back. Have a look here and see what I mean.


Click the picture and it will take you to the Amazon page.  



So do you have a tiny partner or buckaroo that needs to be able to saddle up and take his daddy for a ride out to the family room, if you said yes then the Daddle might be just what you are looking for. Now you said yes but how to does it ride? So here are a couple of the reviews from Amazon.

Everything I expected it to be. Super fun gift for little ones. I purcahsed this for a gift and was so excited about it. My kids thought it was awesome and they are 5, 4 and 2.
Please note that this Daddle is Western Style and will not be appropriate for those trained in the English Father Riding Method whereby one holds a rein in each hand and posts the trot. If you are looking forward to father jumping, father fox hunting, father polo or daddy dressage you will not be able to use this Daddle. Western Daddle riders hold the reins with one hand, and sit the trot. The pommel or horn on this Daddle is meant to hold a lariat which is useful when roping cattle or other competing or unruly fathers.

Check out the reviews by clicking here.

So Does The Daddle Really Work?


The reviews themselves are worth a look if you really want a good laugh. But now you are wondering if the Daddle really does work as promised. Well here is video I found on youtube. And while this is not a daddy, we see that the Daddle works well for mommies too. We know that mommy does not want to get left out having to put a little person on their back and crawl around the living room for.



So there you have it. If you are looking to get one of these amazing Daddles then you had better hurry they only have 17 left today. And of course there is less than a week before Christmas. You know you want on. Go ahead and get it today.


Oh and if you want to have as much fun as I do and still get paid like boss then you need to watch this video and get in. Because we all need to be living our life and having fun.

Talk tomorrow!

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