On Monday last week my two and four year old went to the dentist for a regular check up on their pearly whites. It was my two year old's first time going and I wasn't sure how he would act having a stranger in his mouth. The Pediatric dentist office we go to is pretty cute. It has a child size door the kids can enter the office through. The kids love this door!

We also love the giant teeth seats you can see in the picture above. I think the staff does a great job here at making the kids feel comfortable. One of the things I knew that the kid's dentist would address was the use of my two year old's pacifier. I knew that if asked, we would be asked to get rid of it. I was sort of dreading it because this has been a source of comfort for my son since I stopped nursing him at about a year of age....
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Comment by Susan Maccarelli on February 7, 2014 at 1:53pm

Hi! I visited your blog to finish this post, but I had trouble entering my comment for some reason. My 3.5 year old daughter still takes a paci at nap and bedtime.  We just gave it up during the day back in November after a dentist visit.  Her teeth are already screwy with an open bite, but hopefully her permanent teeth grow in straight...we'll see.  GUILT!  It is funny how things like that are built up to be awful and then they are usually easier than we think.  Potty training was that way for us.

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