A little over 2,000 years ago the Father placed his hand on the Son’s shoulder.

”It is time.”

It was time to lay aside his divinity. His omniscience. His omnipotence. Time to set in motion the plan to redeem mankind. That men (and women) might enjoy the relationship with the Father that he’d intended since before he set the foundations of the earth in place.

The Son looked into his Father’s eyes, then wrapped him in a big bear hug.

What he would miss most was being fully in his Father’s presence.

“Are you ready?” the Spirit asked.



The Son nodded. He glanced back once more at his Father, then followed the Spirit to his destiny.

They traveled to the Judean countryside, preceded by the angel Gabriel. When they came to a girl named Mary, the Spirit overshadowed her and fused the Son’s spirit with an egg in Mary’s womb.

“Fear not,” he whispered. “I am merely a breath away. In due time I’ll return to you in the form of a dove.”

And so began the journey of Jesus’ humanity.

For the joy set before him, he came into our world as a helpless babe. He grew from childhood to manhood. He taught. He loved. He healed. He forgave.

He died on a cross to pay for our sins, to open the way that we might truly know the Father.

He rose again, triumphing over death and the grave.

Then he rejoined the Father in heaven. The Father embraced him and, with eyes brimming over with pride and love, said, “Well done, my Son!”

by Bernice Seward


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