The Force is Strong with This Wee One...

To say that I am fully entrenched in the age of the quite the understatement of the year. With Noah's Big 2nd Birthday to be celebrated this weekend, it seems my normally agreeable, "go with the flow" now an "I don't think so" "not in this lifetime" sort of fella! Our on the same page relationship, has morphed into a full on Battle of Wills....and so far the tally is Toddler 1, Mommy 0.

This recent battle is over control over what edible substances will enter my son's mouth....and let's just say the list of acceptable items is getting smaller and smaller by the day....

Last week, we LOVED Spinach, while this week it is completely unacceptable....Today Bananas are all systems go....while yesterday they were chucked over the highchair for the three dogs to devour....

Everyday is a "will he or won't he" and I feel like I can't win for losing.....

I've read, and researched....cajoled and pleaded.....stomped and pouted....with little headway made in this war of the ages. Can I just tell you, the most difficult part of this whole dilemma is the idea of NOT fixing your child something else when they refuse to eat.....or fixing a late night snack when they've made a wall painting of dinner. I battle Myself daily on "He's not going to starve"....and "he'll eat when he's hungry enough" go to bed feeling like a bad parent for allowing your child to go to bed with only a half eaten bowl of applesauce as their sustenance.

I can actually say though, that as of this week, I've found a new small ray of hope in overcoming....or at least more easily walking this path I'm on. It is a fabulous resource of healthy, fast and Toddler approved recipes...So far many of the recipes I've tried have passed his ever pickier taste buds....and have satisfied my need for meeting his nutritional requirements.

So maybe now it's more like Toddler 1....Mommy 1......

Boo Yeah!

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Comment by Karyn Climans on August 13, 2010 at 10:10am
Aren't the terrible two's fun?

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