I'm a bit eccentric. I like all things vintage or antique; and if it's handmade I'm in love. I found a company by the name of  The Giving Key. They make handmade necklaces stamped with an inspirational word. Now get this! The necklaces are made by the homeless. Yes, "The Giving Key" takes old keys and turns them into necklaces. And the key is stamped with a an encouraging word by people that are transitioning out of being homeless. The homeless are given a job and I love, love, love that!

When you get a key, you must give it away at some point to someone that needs the message. I gave the key to my oldest daughter for Christmas.


Her word is courage. She is fresh from homeschooling and back in school. The teenage years are tough and it takes courage to stand for what is right and against conformity.


I want her to know that it's alright to be yourself and to follow your own moral code.

SONY DSCAnd if she finds someone that needs that message more than her, I would hope she would pass it along.



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Comment by Susan Maccarelli on February 15, 2014 at 6:52pm

So awesome!!  I love that idea.  Thanks for sharing!

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