It's that time of year again! Time to kick back and watch the Macy's day parade, watch a  little football, take a sleepy tryptophan induced nap and swap a few turkey jokes with the fam...................My husband say's.


Well here's my super simple solution for making this Thanksgiving meal the simplest one EVER!

Have your husband prepare the entire feast!

Yep, There you have it. Simple as pumpkin pie! (or maybe even simpler since you don't have to make the pie)

So this year in our household, our menu will probably consist of chunky under cooked mashed potatoes, beer, turkey jerky and a can of beans.....Mmmmm!

If your not a big fan of turkey jerky, and you think beans are highly over rated then I have a few tips on making this Thanksgiving holiday your simplest one yet!

  • Plan ahead- I think this one goes without saying but it's a good rule of thumb.
  • Start with your Holiday table- Determine way in advance how many chairs you will need, how many utensils you will need and whether or not you will need or prefer a separate table for the kiddos (highly recommended).
  • Keep décor simple- Gourds, mini pumpkins, in a cute basket. Or venture out into the backyard and collect pine cones, acorns, pine needles or anything else you can find that might add some simple festive flare.
  • Kids table- Use construction paper as place mats and place a bucket of crayons in the middle of the table. Have the kids write or draw what they are thankful for on their placemats.
  • Do your shopping at night- to avoid the crowds at the grocery store, do most of your shopping later in the evening.
  • Containers for leftovers- Make sure you have plenty of these on hand!
  • Desert- Buy deserts from a local bakery that you can pass off as homemade.
  • Lighten your dish load- Don't be afraid to use disposable and recyclable items including the Turkey pan. obviously you can't trim the entire turkey with a plastic knife but you can buy cute, festive, durable paper plates and plastic utensils for the meal or at the very least, for dessert. Use bread bowls or hollowed out winter squash to serve side dishes.. No need to bring out all the fine china,
  • Or you could make it a potluck- Have everyone bring a dish!
  • Fully prepared meals - Whole foods and Central Market both have fully prepared Thanksgiving meals that serve six to eight including desert. Might be a bit pricey but totally worth it if it means you spend less time in the Kitchen and more time with your family! Order ahead of time!! Like Today! 
  • Music selections- Bring out Sinatra or light hearted Christmas music for dinner, then after the meal, bust out some up beat "Daft punk" or Techno music so that everyone is alive, awake and  more than ready to help with clean up!

Most importantly, get a good night sleep the night before, take some deep breaths, and just be thankful for the presence of family.

I hope some of you found these tips useful. Until next time,

have a wonderful, festive, and SIMPLE Thanksgiving!


Katie from the simple lane

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