Thirty Day Home Challenge-Not For The Weak!

Here at My Symphony Of Life my husband and I are doing a 30 day home challenge. If you haven't received any's to the fact that we've had our internet down for a week and half. The room we've started in holds the lines for the internet throughout the house. This challenge is a combo! Not for the weak! We're kicking off our efforts with this combo full of painting, caulking, organization strategies, taking room by room top to bottom organization, de-cluttering of the finest, battlefield of organization of the's clean sweep at Amelia Acres! We've been taking sections of the house in separate stages to create a home. It may not be may not get to be perfect...perfection? No one's perfect! Here at My Symphony Of Life we are ready for this 30 day home challenge. Even though you may have to live in disarray, try to get the dog's around without them touching the walls, get the kids and even yourself around the house without...uugghh You Touched The Paint.... sorry hunny! You may get dirty....this isn't time to wear your Sunday's best. You may get paint on your clothes....wear old clothes PLEASE! The dog's or cat's need to be put up in a well ventilated area or put them outside till paint is dried. It's important to have reasonable goals in achieving what your looking to achieve. We've started with my stepson's room. Here's the scoop my stepson Julian traded rooms with his sister Tori. Julian would have had the bigger room and Tori would have had the smaller room. The bigger room was painted tan and green...from previous owners. The other room was painted white with butterflies and teddy bears on it. That's right. Julian traded the other room with his sister.

This is how is room looked before the 30 day home challenge has begun!

He's had butterfly kisses at night. lol!

We've taken everything out of his room except for his bunk bed. Where did his stuff go? Most of his stuff went into the living room and a few items went into Tori's room. One room out of commission due to that most of Julian's stuff is in the living room now. The stuff in his sister's room...she's trying to claim his dresser!

We've been painting his room and creating a sports atmosphere for him....LSU room.

We've got the LSU color purple on the walls:

We've taken the doors in the room and painted them white. The door to his closet will then be painted with chalkboard paint. He loves the idea!

His red bunk bed will not be red for too long....we plan on spray painting it gold.

I'm going to make pillows out of the material that I got at Walmart. One side of the pillow will be gold and the other side will have the character side...see below:

We've painted the trim in the bathroom, hallway and kitchen. We've also caulked the bathroom, hallway and kitchen. The doors throughout the house thus far has been painted white. We will also paint Julian's closet as well. He has a nice walk in closet with shelves on one side and a bar on the other side with a shelf on top of that. Once everything is painted/dried we will put everything back up in an organized way. See what toy's he's current playing with and what needs to go. He will be all set with a new room.

He's going to middle school this year. We are so proud of him.

We will also start making plans for Tori's room. We've got the base paint for her room which is blue/aqua. She would like it paint splattered after the base coat is on. She's going into high school this year.

We are also proud of her.

They both have done great this year...learning all the way to pass the grade they were in. I'm proud of them for sticking to what they need to do to not only pass to the next grade but to do what is needed and beyond what needs to be accomplished. I'm proud of them for all of their hard work they have been putting in. I've been a step mom to two kids since December 12th, 2009. My so many things we have accomplished together as we work not only as a team but also as a family. That's what a family is truly about.

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Comment by Not Quite Susie Homemaker on June 9, 2010 at 1:41am
Wow! You're so creative! I would join you for a home challenge if I wasn't moving next week. Good luck with yours & I can't wait to see the whole, finished result!

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