To Bake or Not to Bake: That is a question

The Christmas season is heading into full speed.  Which means one thing  (well, ok - several things - but we're going to focus on one here): holiday baking time!

The thing is...  I'm just not feeling it.

What am I feeling then?  Well...  When I consider the things I usually make, I just feel bored. When I consider having to look up new recipes - I feel exhausted.  Honestly, when I think of hours in the kitchen baking all those cookies - I feel even more exhausted.

So, what's an Oma to do?

  • I could do nothing.  But I have a feeling that when Christmas eve rolls around with no peanut butter kisses or frosted sugar cookies there might be a full blown rebellion from the other family members

  • I could befriend some super-mom type who probably already has her baking all planned out and gives tins full of home baked goodies as gifts and mooch off her.  But I probably should have put that plan into motion a few months in advance.

  • I could buy baked goodies.  But let's just be real here - I'm never going to be able to fool anyone into thinking I actually baked any of it.

  • I could cheat.  There is a wide variety of premade cookie doughs and mixes out there.  And at the moment I'm feeling this might be the most viable option. 

  • I could just suck it up, put on a big ol' Paula Dean smile and bake the darn cookies.  Accepting the love and admiration of my family, and packing on a few pounds in the process.

What is your approach to holiday baking?  Please share your favorite Christmas goodie recipe in the comments!  You know... in case I decide to go with that last option.

*originally posted @This IS My Day Job*

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