Things are finally getting somewhat back to normal around here. It only
took the child a week and a half and a round of antibiotics to adjust
to DST. But, we seem to be adjusted. Finally.

This morning was kind of a pain in the bootycakes. Dan had to leave
early for work which meant that I was flying solo on getting Joshua and
myself ready and out the door by 7:15. We totally didn't make it out
the door until 7:26. Bummer.

You see, I'm suffering from an acute case of what I like to call
OverIt-itis. Because I'm completely, totally over it. The week before a
week long break is always looooooooong. All week this week, I've gone
"Holy crap is it only [insert day of week here]?" The kids are restless.
I'm losing it. We're all just about ready to climb out of our skins.

I'm also tired of wearing dress clothes, which is the reason we were
running late this morning. In addition to suffering from that point in
the month where nothing fits except a mu-mu, I am honestly tired of
dressing up. I just don't want to. I don't want to put on any clothes. I
don't want to wash my hair. I just want to sleep.

And I am apparently incapable of giving a big middle finger to The Man
and wearing blue jeans on a non-sanctioned blue jeans day. I figured
that out this morning. I am terrified that it's my luck that I would be
the person they chose to make an example of and there'd be a "note in
my file" or something ridiculous about how I was insubordinate by
wearing blue jeans.

Yes. I really did have that conversation with myself this morning. I
psyched myself out of being a rebel and wearing blue jeans instead of
dress pants because I'm a rule-following pansy.


Somehow, I managed to get my breakfast, lunch and coffee packed and
loaded into the car, get Joshua dressed, give him his medicine, get in
the car (while he was screaming at me and I was saying, firmly, "Joshua.
STOP. SCREAMING."...because I can totally rationalize with a 20 month
old, right? o_o ) and still make it to work by 8:00. (Helloooooo, Supermom.)

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Comment by Heather on November 20, 2010 at 10:11am
HI Supermom,

And that you are!! I also have a 20 month old that I think I can rationalize with..but really can't. I have the opposite problem. I am home all day nannying and long to dress up and wear something cute! Stretch pants are no longer sexy...were they ever? LOL...Although yes comfortable.... When I worked I did beg at work to have casual fridays for the longest time and I worked at a Coca Cola distribution'd think jeans on fridays would be fine..but no.

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