Too Cute T-shirts (Cutting, Tie-ing & Craft Loops)

Lately, there is a resurgence of cutting and tie-ing your t-shirts. There are numerous ideas on the web and a few books devoted to this art. For many of us, we remember this trend from the 1980’s. For my daughter’s tween and teen age group, tie-ing your tee’s is completely new fun! For a final summer blast, we decided to improve some of our t-shirts.

Check out these ideas and give some a try for yourself. I have also included a tutorial for you on a t-shirt with blasts of color using weaving loom loops and metallic string. This is very inexpensive and you will definitely have a “too cute t-shirt” when you finish!

You might have tried tie-ing your t-shirt along the sides. On this one, we cut off the bottom of the sleeve, cut a slit and tied a knot for a tighter, shorter sleeve with an opening.

How about making a bracelet from your scraps?

Michael's Crafts had a great sale on t-shirts: 5/$10.

Additional materials:
  • craft loops (neon or bright colors)
  • craft string (metallic that is durable for laundering)
  • scissors

Cut slits along both sides of your t-shirt.

Cut each slit in half. Tie your slits together all the way down the shirt.

Tie your bright, metallic craft ribbon around each knot on the sides of your shirt.

Don't forget the sleeves. We used the craft loops to secure the sleeves with a double knot. First, cut a small slit near the shoulder seem. Then thread your loop through the hole. Gather the sleeve by tie-ing a double knot in your craft loop. Cut off remaining loop or tie in a bow.

You might even use craft loops around the neck of your t-shirt. With this one, we cut out the neck, looped the craft loops together and threaded that looped string through small slits around the new neckline.

How about criss-crossing craft loops down the side of your t-shirt?

And remember to have fun with your cutting. We cut the shoulders out of this t-shirt.

Then we sewed a few small stitches near the underarm inseam. Finally, we added our own cuts in the front and back. If you try these tips and add your own style, you will have your own "too cute t-shirt!"

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