It's been a painful number of days; hard to write ...

My beloved dogs vanished from my yard; an oversight by my mother-in-law.  Truth be told, I couldn't even look at her because I was so upset. I believe I discovered first hand how "seething" actually felt.  That was an emotional jolt I don't wish on anyone; the side effects are reciprocal, trust me. I felt worse afterwards.

It could have happened to anyone.  Read more.

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Comment by Byn Always on January 20, 2012 at 2:18pm

Oh no:(  I understand all too well.  Our dog got on the school bus unnoticed by my son and the bus driver one morning when I was out of state at a friend's funeral.  The bus driver discovered the dog a mile from our home (in a direction the dog had never been) and forced her off the bus (even though they would have been driving RIGHT PAST OUR HOUSE a few minutes later.  

Our dog was missing for TWO WEEKS trying to find her way home.  We kept having phone calls that people would see her, but no one would actually GET her or hold her for us.  I remember the kids panic as we would race out of the house and search up and down the roads looking for her. And my dread that we would find her injured.

We did finally find her, thanks to a wonderful person who actually kept her safe until we arrived. She is still afraid to leave our yard again, even though she used to ALWAYS follow our kids when they went for walks (we live our in the country) and would have never let them out of the yard alone, now I think she's too scared and it breaks my heart:(

I'm so sorry for your pain.  I hope that they show up again!  Miracles do happen.

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