Upcycle T-shirt into Baby Bib +Owl Applique Tutorial

Can I just say something?

The Boy. Is. Messy.

When he started eating solids, it was like a hurricane of liquid sweet potatoes and pear puree.

I had been given a number of bibs, but it wasn't enough to contain the food storm.  More Bibs!

So I decided to take those t-shirts that were destined for Goodwill, and put them to good use.
These bibs are some of my absolute favorite things to make. They are super easy, and customizing them is a blast. I usually get comments on his Legend of Zelda Triforce bib, as well as his Zombie bib:

What you need:

One of your favorite bibs
Basic sewing supplies
Felt for Appliqué

First, pin your bib to the bottom corner of your t-shirt. If you use the shirt wisely, you can get at least 4 bibs.

When you cut it out, leave yourself a seam allowance. 

Now, if you decided to do the owl appliqué, here is my pattern. {Disclaimer: this is my first pattern, so sorry it's a bit weird}

 I hope it works for you!

I used embroidery thread to stitch the owl together by hand. I didn't included them in the pattern, but I just cut a small triangle for the beak, and two small circles for the pupils. 

Now, machine sew your owl to the front piece of the bib. 

Take your bib and place RIGHT sides together. Sew around the edge, but leave about 2 inches unsewn on one of the straight edges. 

Take your bib and turn it inside out through the hole. Iron your bib so the edges are creased. 

Now, sew around the edge of the bib. Make sure you catch the edges of the hole that you previously left unsewn.  Finish with a button and a button hole.

I added two button holes, so the bib can be adjustable. 

All done!

Thanks for reading!

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