As another Sunday winds down, I begin to relax and reflect on my weekend. It's been fairly mundane, with the exception of my husband and daughter being sick. We had a little fun earlier in the weekend, but that very well might be the reason why they are still sick. Maybe I should have made them stay in bed. Friday night we had a softball game with our co-ed team, to which we ten-run-ruled our opponents. My husband, as sick as he was feeling, still managed to hit a grand slam out of the park. I didn't do that well, but I did managed to go 2 for 3. Yesterday we went to Rays Fan Fest at Tropicana Field where our daughter was able to run the bases and enjoy some of the other interactive games. She's only 15 months old so she was too little for most of the activities. However, she was absolutely fascinated by the lights inside the dome, and she seemed to enjoy herself as she ran around the outfield squealing and laughing and saying hi to all the people as she passed them by (she's one of the friendliest and chattiest toddlers you'll ever meet). On our way home from the stadium, we ordered our favorite pizza from Mellow Mushroom and called it a day. The Funky Q (which is their version of BBQ) pizza is my ultimate weakness. I limited myself to only two pieces (and that does require a great deal of self control for myself). I countered my cheat with a healthy veggie juice later that day for dinner and a half hour of strength training on my Gravity machine. I focused mainly on upper body with a little core and plyometric work added in as well.

This morning my alarm went off at 7:00am reminding me that it was time for my tempo run. I've got my Ultra Challenge beginning next Saturday, so I needed to get my legs ready and moving again. I haven't ran since my half marathon two weeks ago. With my husband and daughter both being sick, it's been very difficult for me to get out and run. I did manage to slide in a few yoga sessions thanks to Yogaglo. My run went fairly well considering the circumstances. I kept a steady pace for most of the 7 miles with a couple of quick bursts thrown in every half mile or so. My left hip was feeling slightly twinged during my cool down, so I'm praying that goes away before next weekend.

I edited my daily mile account earlier today after my run and even added a training widget to my blog so you guys and gals can see my progress. Please feel free to comment and send motivation. I've got an easy training schedule this week that backs up to my Gasparilla weekend. This is what it looks like.

Monday - 30 minute Anusara Post Run Yoga

Tuesday - 4 Miles in the a.m.

Wednesday - 60 minute Vinyasa Flow Yoga and Upper Body Strength Training on the Gravity Machine

Thursday - 4 Miles in the a.m.

Friday - Resting up for Gasparilla

And this is how my race schedule is going to go:

Saturday - 15k (6:45 a.m. start time) and 5k (9:00 a.m. start time)

Sunday - Half Marathon (6:00 a.m. start time) and 8k (9:00 a.m. start time)

By the time 10 a.m. rolls around on Sunday, I am going to be pooped. I predict an ice bath and a large dinner for my Sunday evening. Maybe I should go ahead and schedule a massage now. What do you think?

This will be the most miles I've ever attempted in one weekend. I'm not sure what to expect other than a lot of soreness. Hopefully my training will pay off and I'll be able to conquer all four of these races without a hitch. The great thing about this race weekend is that it marks the year anniversary of my very first 5k race. Last year's Gasparilla race weekend my husband and I ran the 5k Stroller Roll with our then 3 month old baby girl; she slept the entire race.2012 5k Stroller RollFeel free to comment on how ginormous my boobs used to be. No shame here. I'm just happy to be able to fit back into a regular sports bra again. Running while breastfeeding is definitely not an easy feat. One day I'll tell you all about that.

This race marked the beginning of my running journey. If I remember correctly, just three weeks later I signed up for the WDW Wine and Dine Half Marathon and began the Hal Higdon training. I certainly didn't imagine that I'd be back the following year running 31 miles. I wonder where I'll be this week next year?

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Comment by Kim on February 18, 2013 at 8:50pm
Haha - I remember how much running while breast feeding sucked!
A wine&dine race sounds fun!!

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