Why are wooden toy building blocks good for children?

We are a young family with two lovely kids from Latvia (Europe). Our family business is making handmade wooden toy building blocks for children. Our wooden toy building blocks bring back the memories from childhood and the natural wooden smell from childhood. They are made the way we had blocks in our own childhood - big enough for playing, smooth for the little fingers and with no sharp edges. And completely natural. They even have a name - Klik Klak Blocks. The name of the blocks was given after hearing the sound of the blocks while our son was playing with them - it's something like this - klik klak klik klak.

We started to think about producing wooden blocks when our child Valters was about 2 years old. We wanted him to have the best quality blocks made from natural wood, eco friendly, non-toxic and good for his little fingers. Just like we had in our childhood.

Watching him playing with the blocks made by his father, we understood that it's worth trying to make the same joy to other children. So we founded a small company, bought all the equipment necessary for making the blocks and started making the blocks. All the blocks are made of the highest quality of pine, absolutely natural. They are treated with natural linseed oil (this kind of oil is allowed to use for making food).

We make Klik Klak blocks of pine because of its great qualities. Pine energetically is a "giving" kind of wood. You can make sure of it yourself - take the block of pine in your hands, you will feel the warmth while holding it. Pine also increases immunity and gives positive energy. It takes all the stress away.

We sometimes receive questions, asking why wooden blocks are better than plastic ones and why they are so good for children. And we always answer - the main difference between plastic and wooden blocks is: the wooden ones are ALIVE! They really are! They give you the positive energy of wood while playing with them. You could never get one from plastic toys.

Wooden toy building blocks are one of the top educational toys. Wooden blocks help the child to develop several important skills:

* creative thinking and imagination;

* fine motor skills;

* improve reading and math skills;

* problem solving;

* social skills;

* teach size and shape discrimination;

* teach sorting and basic Math skills;

They simply are FUN OF ALL AGES! 

You cind find out more about our Klik Klak wooden blocks on our e-shop: www.KlikKlakBlocks.com/en or Facebook page: www.facebook.com/klik.klak.blocks

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Comment by Liga Tarbuna on February 15, 2014 at 11:03pm

Thanks so much for the wonderful comments! Greetings from Klik Klak Blocks :)

Comment by Susan Maccarelli on February 15, 2014 at 7:35pm

Thanks for sharing.  The blocks look beautiful.  I have a son and a daughter and my daughter loves to build with blocks (my son just likes to knock them down so far).  We have a neat set of Haba wooden blocks that she loves.  I liked your Facebook page and am checking out your website!

Comment by Marcia Fowler on January 2, 2014 at 1:23pm

My children love playing with wooden blocks. I have fun watching them create different worlds every time they use them.

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