Why I should never, never, EVER be allowed out in public when I’m hungry

I meant to post tonight on the weighty topic of parental decisions with regard our kids’ secondary school educational options. It’s near and dear to me right now and I’m pleased with how the write-up is trucking along. I’ll finish tomorrow. When I’m not hungry. Now I just really need food.

Me – tonight

It’s the fault of that greedy woman sitting next to me at the dance studio. And has nothing to do with the fact that at 6:15 pm I’ve missed lunch by ½ a day and the last time food passed my lips was over 9 hours ago. But who’s counting? I’m hungry and she just ate a chocolate covered granola bar AND didn’t share so my focus is a little lacking. Clearly. Adolescence, schooling and parental stress, while a meaty (yum…meat) subject needs a clearer mind.

Tonight, as I sit in my usual spot at the dance studio while N does her musical theatre thing, all I can smell is eau de chocolat wafting at me from 30 cm away. Kind of in my personal space, so me being tempted to steal the ½ eaten bar she just left sitting there is totally justifiable. Also now I’ve started twit, twurt, tweetering my dilemma and the support is flowing in from enablers concerned moms.

I sized her up and I bet I can take her. I’ve started Pilateying. The best suggestion, which I’ve been double dared to do and am seriously considering, is to grab and run. I’m a runner and she’s wearing heels so I think I can make a clean getaway. I only have 2 problems with this:

  1. What about my daughter? She might need a lift home after class.
  2. Damn woman has just finished her bar.

The fact that I can logically justify stealing someone’s food, and running for the hills, is proof that I can’t be trusted out in public without first eating. Just like my mom who gets hangry; part hungry, part angry. It’s a little scary.

Next week’s topic of discussion will be proper eating habits. And how I need some.

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Comment by Katja Wulfers on March 7, 2012 at 12:30pm

Thanks. I'm glad you enjoyed a laugh. If only that poor woman knew how close she was to losing her food.

Comment by Daneilia Pulido on March 7, 2012 at 11:51am

You are hilarious!  I love the comedic presence in your day out.  Boy, do I hate that when you are starving and there is always someone who is eating near you.  But I'm sure I let my hunger control me in those situations haha.

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