Every January I get into a winter rut. I can't stand not being outside, in the sunshine, with flowers and butterflies, and the sweet sounds of birds all around. I hate winter because all my favorite things are gone. So in order to defeat my winter blues, I started a "hope springs eternal" cleaning ritual every January for the last 13 years. It's your typical spring cleaning, just a few weeks earlier. I declultter, dust, scrub, and complete all the tasks that I typically push off, like shampooing carpets and washing windows.
I don't have any kids to watch on Monday so I decide to begin with the upstairs. I cleaned from 9am to 5pm and still didn't even get a chance to vacuum. So I was thrilled when I woke up on Tuesday to find out that the little one was sick and wouldn't be coming. I got a second day off to clean even more! :)
I decided that the unfinished master bathroom we've been using as a closet/storage room needed to be emptied so we can begin to get it ready to be finished. That took 6 hours to go through, but it's done!!! :) I have a clean bathroom/closet/storage room that is now much less of a storage room and more of a mom's hiding spot/closet. I even took the sink and vanity out of their boxes and set them up in the places they are supposed to be so I have a place to get ready in the morning(although there is no running water or electricity in there yet)
So, yes I've been quite busy, and that was just with the upstairs, I still have the kids bedroom to go trough too. The little one is here today so no crazy cleaning today means naptime is blog time. I am relaxing my bones instead of doing more cleaning. My RA doesn't like when I am so active so my joints are really sore today.

What do you do to combat winter blues?


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