I've been hearing Holy Spirit tell me "I don't trust God" as I should. Yesterday as I sat in my car during my lunch hour The Lord confirmed this.

The reason I'm questioning wives being treated as the weaker vessel is because:

For me: we have taken over boundaries originally meant to be covered by our husbands.

For me: we take over running the house. We take over the raising of the children. We take over the finances. We take over the daily activities of the family. We take over the way our husbands dress. If theres any area requiring an opinion. We take over.

For me: we believe we are helping to reduce the stress from our husbands when we are actually taking on stressors God never intended for us to carry.

Last year The Lord told me to be ware of the Spirit of Jezebel. Yesterday he confirmed it. Men have become comfortable laying back and watching from the sidelines with minor input. Primarily when asked. Women are becoming burnt out.

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