WTHuh? It's a Conspiracy! Cameras are playing tricks on me!

Seriously, what's going on? Every time I look in the mirror after getting dressed, I leave my house thinking I look OK. Actually, I leave thinking I look pretty damn cute. I take lots of pictures, literally taking the pictures, I prefer not to be in front of the camera...but, when someone catches a shot of me, I DO NOT like the outcome. In this day and age, even 2 year old children, after having a picture of themselves taken, asks to see how the photo looks. I don't because I'm sure I won't like it and asking for it to be deleted just annoys people.

I think camera companies have conspired to make me look crazy in photos. Like it's some kind of fun house mirror image software they have installed on EVERY camera that has some type of "there goes Aaronda" face recognition built in. So I appear wider than I thought I was. Damn it!

Ok, so this is another reason for me to take weight loss seriously. As seriously as I did before I got married. Damn, that's serious. I was so sexy! Mmm mmm mmm, hahahaha (nothing wrong with loving thy self!). I guess I'm lucky in a sense because my weight has never been a problem for hubby, but I want to look as tight and fit in photos as my jeans feel after they've been in the dryer! (continue)

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