You can be the Salt and Light for your Kids

You can be the Salt and Light for your Kids

It’s amazing how social media is now so much part of our lives.

Today we joined a wonderful Twitter chat session #GodsLoveChats to share stories about how faith has helped shape people’s lives. OK, so telling a story in 140 characters is tricky, but hey it works and anyone can pitch in if they want. And it’s fun too! It’s a must do on our weekly schedule now. Try it.

We also are enjoying the blogs of Moms and Dads who write about their challenges, successes and hopes for the future. No matter what part of the world we live in everyone is saying the same thing. Moms and Dads want the best for their kids, they worry about being a good parent, they wonder where the world is heading.

The message that comes through most loudly though is the frustration from Christian parents that faith is being pushed into a corner, that youth seems to have lost its moral compass, and as parents they are losing the battle against a flood of bad, violent messages in the media and in games directed at their kids.

We agree – all of this is happening. That is why Kids Bible Adventures is coming. Because it deals with all these issues. It is the first real Virtual World that lets kids explore the Bible like they are really there, go on missions to gain spiritual value levels, and share that with parents on their Facebook or phones.

We have been asked many times by parents “How can we get it?” The answer is – first it has to be made. And that’s where everyone comes in.

Social media is not just about people talking and sharing. It’s also about getting things done. There’s a way to do that called Crowd Funding.

Crowd Funding challenges people with a common vision to contribute a small amount to make a great change. It is now one of the most popular ways to bring new projects to life whether that is a new book, or movie, or even a recent one to rebuild community facilities after Hurricane Sandy. Everyone who pledges gets a personal reward and is recognized as contributing to the success of the mission.

The Kids Bible Adventures mission is to gain enough pledges to create a Bible based Virtual World your kids can play online, have as much fun as any other online game, and discover the wonder of the Bible for themselves. Best of all, you, the parents will get to be part of it. This has never been done before, not like this.

But we need you to Help Make it Happen. How?

When the crowd funding for Kids Bible Adventures launches on 5 February, don’t wait, help out, be part of it, make it happen. Contribute. You can start just with $5, and that gets you rewards for you and your kids.

Keep an eye on our website ( and Twitter (@KidsBibleAdvent) and be part of this Christian parents crusade.

Blessings to you, and especially to your kids!

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