A lot of times in our industry we get bogged down, depressed, insecure because we are always looking at what “we are not” rather then letting “who we are” shine through. 
A wise nerd once told me and I quote:
“ Make sure your research doesn’t steal your own, unique voice. Sometimes we look at too many different options and it paralyzes us. “ 
~Chris Mclaughlin
Look Chris, I put one of those little squiggly lines in front of your name! Doesn’t it look cool?
This principle has really impacted my journey as a photographer. When I start to feel overwhelmed by all of the “I’m not” thoughts, I remember what Chris told me. The words, “unique voice”, play over and over in my head.
My favorite images are typically those that I categorize as “imperfectly perfect”. Recently, I’ve been learning to be comfortable with my own voice as a photographer. Now, I let the beauty I see stand alone.
I’ve adopted this motto in many areas of my life. Being a busy, working mom, I’ve learned to let a lot of things go. My house isn’t perfect, my kids aren’t spotless and my mind is a mushy mess most of the time! Its “all-good”…life in its organized chaos is beautiful.
Get crazy! Shoot in a way you never thought was “right” or “correct”. Let the rules fall by the wayside, get out there, and shoot for you!

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