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As a mom down time is something that you won’t have a lot of. With the daily stress of battling the kids to school and ensuring the family are all okay it’s often tough to find some time to relax. It may sometimes seem impossible to just get that little bit of ‘me time’, but finding the time to recuperate and recharge by doing something for yourself definitely worth it in the long run.

There’s no doubt that a well-rested woman is not only a better mother, but also a better wife, friend and an overall better person. So, when you do get that sacred down time what are the best ways to spend it?

Have a flutter

Having a flutter with online gambling is often something that’s wrongly not very often associated with moms. Although it’s not everybody’s cup of tea, having a bet can be a very exciting way to spend time. If you ever have time to review a number of UK bookmaker’s promotions you’ll more than often find a few great offers. This will give you scope to not only get some excitement through betting, but also the potential to make some cash.

Take a bath

A nice warm candle lit bubble bath; there’s few better ways to spend your down time. With the rise of companies such as Lush there are now a plethora of fantastic products such as bath bombs and bubble bars that can make your bath even more relaxing. You can even incorporate a television show or a podcast into the situation for entertainment.

A long relaxing walk

Taking a walk is something that not only moms, but everybody should do on a fairly regular basis. Not only is taking a walk a great way to relax, it’s also a fantastic form of exercise. No matter where you live you’re never too far away from a lovely walking trial; so when the weather’s nice, pop on some comfortable shoes, go outside and allow yourself to enjoy your surroundings.

Catch up on your reading

There are a couple of reasons why you would read a book; firstly to educate yourself, and secondly for enjoyment. There are so many great books on the market at the minute that no matter what you’re in to you’ll be sure to find something that suits. So, whether you’re looking to learn or enjoy yourself, reading a book is always a good use of time.

Remove yourself from modern society

Do nothing. Rarely is this an option in people’s lives, but just shutting yourself off from the outside world for a short period of time can be very positive. Close down the laptop, turn off the TV and put your phone on aeroplane mode; this way your time will genuinely be your time. By going incognito and removing yourself from modern society you essentially reap many of the benefits that are associated with mediating; it’s simply you and your thoughts.



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