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With so many diets out there it is so hard to know everything about them. It is easy to simply end up not knowing much about at least one. The Alkaline diet is rather new so it should come as no surprise to see that many do not know that much about it. Let us discuss why it is a really interesting one, together with the different benefits associated.

Alkaline Diet – What Is It?

Although much more can be said, the alkaline diet is a special diet that will help the body to balance fluids pH levels. This includes one’s urine and blood. The experts are currently debating many things about the diet but the general idea is that humans require a tight control of pH levels in order to maintain overall health. If electrolyte imbalances appear and you eat foods that are acidic, the result can be acidosis.

Alkaline Diet Benefits

  • Protecting Muscle Mass And Bone Density

The minerals that you consume are important for bone structure maintenance and development. Alkalizing vegetables and fruits are going to protect people from being faced with decreased muscle mass and bone strength. An alkaline diet is going to help balance mineral ratios. This basically helps you to build bones and to maintain your lean muscle mass. The most important minerals for this are calcium, phosphate and magnesium. At the same time, growth hormone production is improved and vitamin D absorption is increased. That will protect bones even more while mitigating various chronic diseases.

  • Lowering Risks For Stroke And Hypertension

The alkaline diet is often recommended for older people because of anti-aging effects. The main idea is that inflammation is decreased while growth hormone production is increased. Cardiovascular health is basically improved. As a result, the body has a higher protection against various common aging problems like memory loss, kidney stones, strokes and hypertension.

  • Lowering Inflammation And Chronic Pain

Many different studies where performed and there was a result highlighted between lower chronic pain levels and the alkaline diet. This is due to the appearance of chronic acidosis, which will always contribute to headaches, chronic back pain, menstrual symptoms, muscle spasms, joint pain and inflammation.

Alkaline Diet Composition

Based on the current hypothesis that is connected to the alkaline diet, acid ash will be produced by eggs, fish, poultry, meat, cheese and grains. You can also find alkaline ash in vegetables and fruits, except for plums, prunes and cranberries. You will also see that alkaline producing food list includes citrus fruits. We all know these are acidic by nature but because of what they include, they are seen as alkaline producing.


An alkaline diet is definitely something that is interesting but there is still not much proof to say for certain that all the mentioned benefits are to be gained. Because of this, you need to use due diligence. In theory, there is absolutely nothing wrong with using the diet. If you go through it and you notice that your body feels great, why not consider it again in the future? Generally speaking, the diet will be recommended for older people and will not be a good idea for young adults.


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