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What are compounding pharmacies?

Compounding pharmacies refers to the preparation of customized medications for varying needs of different customers.

How are commercially available drugs and compounded medications different?

Drugs that are widely available commercially are manufactured by drug companies for the general population, without emphasizing the needs of certain patients who need personalized medication. These medications are prepared by compounding pharmacies according to the prescription of the patient’s physician keeping in view their unique medical needs.

Why should compounded medications be made by compounding specialized pharmacies?

A pharmacy with specialization in compounding has professionally trained experts, quality control procedures, proper facilities and equipment to produce customized medications for patients, safely and accurately. There is a huge difference between pharmacies that prescribe formulas to drug manufacturing companies for the preparation of medication available commercially without any customization, and compounding pharmacies that prepare personalized medications for individuals. Therefore, always go with a compounding pharmacy.

FDA-approved drugs are easily and widely available with a huge variety for every medical condition; why do we still need compound medications?

Limiting a physician’s access to compound medications would be a serious mistake because some valuable medications can only be retrieved through compounded pharmacies. Moreover, FDA-approved medications that are produced commercially and serve a personalized portion of the population are often discontinued due to economic reasons. In this case, the only option doctors and patients are left with is having those personalized medications quickly prepared with pharmaceutical grade ingredients by a compounding pharmacist.
Do compounding pharmacies buy ingredients from regulated suppliers?

Much like huge pharmaceutical manufacturers, compounding pharmacies also receive ingredients to produce medications from FDA-inspected and registered suppliers.

Are there any other alternatives to compounding pharmacy?

Your physician will only recommend you compounded medication if those available commercially don’t fit your needs. If you are concerned about the prescription of compounded medication, consult your doctor. Also, ask if you can tolerate the standard commercially available drug store oakville instead of compounded medication. If the doctor approves, you can ask for evidences of recovery after consuming a compounded formulation.

Can my insurance cover compounded medications?

Some insurance companies may not reimburse customized medications because these are not bound by the law to have a National Drug Code ID Number that commercial drugs carry. However, almost every insurance plan enables patients to have their final cost of compounded medications covered by the company, by sending in claim forms.


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