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Being snowed in with the kids can take a parent to a place they really don’t want to be in. Face it; kids were not meant to be corralled into a closed space for long periods of time. They need the ability to be active and explore.

Being snowed in with kids creates a challenge for the parent, as they look for ways to keep their children from going stir crazy, subsequently driving them crazy. Snow days do not have to be something to dread. Fortunately, there are multitudinous in-house activities that are ideal for snow days.

Following are several fun activities that are simple and inexpensive.

Indoor Snow Painting

Snow painting is an ideal activity for toddlers. It is actually very simple. Simply gather a pound or two of snow in a plastic container, grab a few thin-stroke paint brushes, some colored water, and let the fun begin. There are no limits to what the kids can do with this activity.

They can create painted snowballs, or they can paint mini snowmen. Maybe they will paint rainbows in the snow. One thing is certain. If there is enough snow to be snowed in, there will plenty for the kids to do for quite some time.

Sticky Window Art

With kids in the house, it is certain that there will be arts and crafts supplies in abundance. If not, the parents should stock up on them immediately; they will definitely come in handy. The kids can use construction paper to make stick figures, or paper flowers. What they do with the construction paper is not that important, but what they do with it is.

Once they have made everything that they desire to make, find a window with a lot of space, and then let them position their artwork in the window using sticky tape. They can even use colored sticky tape to make some of the stick figures.

Set Up a Living Room Campsite

Camping out in the living room can be a lot of fun, for parents and kids. Everyone can put on the PJs, break out the sleeping bags, and turn off the lights. To make things more exciting, the kids can make a fort, using blankets and the cushions from the sofa. Pull out the graham crackers, marshmallows and chocolate to make s’mores and the day is on.

Schedule a Neighborhood Play Date

Being snowed in does not have to mean being isolated. Keep in mind that there are other families in the community that are snowed in as well. Make a few phone calls and invite some of the neighborhood kids over for fun and games. The kids can play card games, board games, sing songs and more. If there is difficulty deciding what games to play, the parent can visit Breaking Games for some great new ideas.

In some geographical locations, snow days are a part of life, and simply make sense to make the best out of something that is inevitable. These tips listed above are just a starting point; families are only limited by their imagination.

Thomas Black is Dad to three great kids. Recently making the choice to become a stay-at-home Dad while his Wife returned to work, Thomas spends his free time writing. His articles appear on a selection of parenting sites.


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