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Last weekend, my sister-in-law had forgotten to bring a rarely used diaper bag item to our family get-together. Certain that I would have it, they greeted me at the door asking to borrow it. I laughed as I dug through my bag – not expecting to find any. Amazingly, it was there! I hadn’t yet discarded it as unnecessary. Through the years, our house has visited many stages in the world of diaper bag preparedness.

The Ever Prepared Mama: You know this stage, when you pack everything including bottles, diapers, paste, wipes, pacifiers, blanket, nail clippers, sunscreen, and knit hat. Because, emergencies.

I’m Pretty Sure I Have What We Need: This is when we glanced into the still-overstuffed diaper bag to ensure that we wouldn’t be caught without the basics. Still certain that the emergency items were tucked away safely, we headed out of the house and slowly drifting into our next phase.

Just the Essentials, Please: At some point, we began low-maintenance travel. Our large diaper bag had just a few indispensable items – or we opted for a smaller tote that wasn’t even designed for baby gear.

In every single variety of diaper bag, we’ve always had these staples: diapers, wipes, drinks. The one item we can’t leave the house without is some sort of food or nutrition. It’s sometimes hard to plan our travel around meal times and snack times – so we always keep a pouch of Beech-Nut Cereal, Puffs, Bars or Melties. We never leave home without checking to see if we have a couple of those – at least one for each child.

Mom confession: I snuck one of the bars when I, myself, had missed breakfast.

The older kids have been great at helping to remember snacks for the bag as well as to remember wipes! It’s so funny the things that kids think to pack. Wipes! Joe isn’t a fan of sticky hands, so perhaps that’s why he’s really good at grabbing the zip-up wipes case.

After one extremely sunny trip to the mountains, I always try to make sure that the kids have their own pair of sunglasses in our bag. That helps to make picture taking so much easier when everyone isn’t shying away at the bright rays of sun.

All of our trial and error has left us with one resounding truth. The right way to pack your diaper bag – is exactly however you choose to fill your diaper bag. You can’t go wrong, mama. With each adventure away from home, you’ll find what helps you and your little one get through every unique trip smoothly.

Share with us! What’s in your diaper bag?


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