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I grew up close to my grandparents. Even now, I talk to both grandmas at least once a week. I want my daughters to have a close relationship with my and my husbands parents.

I live close to my mom. My husbands parents are about five hours away. So not remotely close. We try to go once a month but that gets tough with two.

Enter FaceTime. Now by no means is it the same. This Apple function does not substitute Grandma time. But it’s an amazing tool to foster a relationship across state lines.

When my second daughter was born, my in-laws were coming into town to see the baby. Initially I thought this is great! While we’re in the hospital my oldest can spend time with her grandparents. Then hormones and thought kicked in. I was worried that she wouldn’t feel comfortable with them. So we made a big effort at looking at pictures and doing FaceTime so she would get to know the faces and voices.

What happened? She saw her grandparents and went running with a toothy slobbery hug. It takes effort. Especially trying to keep an almost two year old in one place. But you adapt.

We try for at least once a week. I do not know how we would grow this relationship without it. Listening to my daughter on the phone say ball is not the same as watching her toddle across the room while saying ball.

Also there’s nothing better when you are stuck at work then getting a FaceTime bling bling with your kids faces on the screen.


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