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There have been many different ways you can maintain the cleanliness of your car. This wonderful infographic will take you through the must haves and the top 10 tips when trying to maintain a clean vehicle. Some essentials you must have are, the classic tools, such as garden hose, large sponge, polish with cloth and car wax. Now onto the tips on how to maintain a clean car. Park in a shaded area, if you wanted to make sure that the sun doesn’t dry your car and leave smear marks all over your car, something you can do is to park in a shaded area so your car can dry naturally. Another tip is to make your wheels looking sparkling clean, you can do this by mixing some powder with water and apply with a toothbrush, this method is great for getting all of the dirt you can’t quite get to normally. Plus, it really beats getting an alloy wheel repair as they will look brand new once you have done this. Please see the rest of the infographic for some more great tips how you can keep your car squeaky clean.

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