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Fun Home Projects for Mom
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Whether you are a mom who is staying at home or a career woman, you need a hobby. There are a lot of choices, with some requiring less effort and time. Other projects are a bit bigger and would involve a lot of time investment and energy, on your part. What really matters here, though, is that these projects are fun and can be done at home by moms everywhere.

Many of these projects can be done online thanks to a ton of awesome social media sites, streaming platforms, and more. Others can be a bit more hands-on like doing some DIY landscaping to create unique gardens or lawns. You can even get into the whole arts and crafts game where you sell unique items on the web. This way, your passion can also turn into a way to make some extra cash. Let’s get to it!

YouTube Vids

While there are newer video sharing platforms available now, YouTube is still the king in terms of meaningful video content. It’s where people go when looking for tutorials, watching reviews, or listening to music. For moms, it can be the place where you upload videos about all kinds of things. It can be about cooking, parenting stuff, lifestyle, or whatever else.

how to make youtube vids

The great thing about it is that you can just upload clips at any length, any time, and from any device. You can do so directly from your phone, but if you want to do some editing, a computer is needed. The videos themselves can be as simple or as complicated as you want while covering any topic. It does help to have your own unique flavor, though, since viewers can be fickle.

Parenting Blog

If you are raising a child or children for a few years, you might know a lot about it already. Different parents can have different experiences, but there are areas where scenarios can overlap between different households. For those who might be looking for information that fits their specific case, you could give them those details.

how to start a parenting blog

Blogging is a hobby that a lot of moms have, but it can be a major part of your life. When done right, you could touch a lot of lives, the most important of which are struggling young parents. If you have already gone through what they are currently going through, your wisdom could help them out. Your words could also help young children to be raised in a healthy, positive home environment.

Unique Landscaping

If you just want to get it done, you could have a professional landscaper work on your lawn. If you want to do something specific and special, and want to get it right, DIY could be the way to go. The great thing about these  projects is that you can take your time with it when planned right. Adding one piece at a time or working on one small area per day will stack up.

Landscaping ideas

As for what you could do, have you ever thought about adding a body of water to your garden? You could go with a traditional Asian fountain if you want or a pond if you love lilies. If you go with the latter, there are even floating docks for pond projects you can use. Laying down bricks one by one can be quite satisfying, as well.

Special Planters

Who says planters need to be made of the same boring old plastics, clays, metals, and rubber pots? You could fill any container with soil and use that for growing flowers, herbs, shrubs, succulents, and more. For example, if you have a cooking pot that you are not using anymore for whatever reason, don’t throw it away.

special garden planters

You could puncture the bottom, stuff it with garden soil, and either stick some seedlings into it or use real seeds. This can be done with any kitchen implement that is moderately deep and does not work anymore. Likewise, you could also use other pieces of equipment like a broken rice cooker. Rusty watering cans, ancient wheelbarrows, and water bottles could work, as well.

Crafts for Sale

Do you have any talent for making things at home that would stand out, is functional, or look amazing? If so, this could be your chance to sell them online and then make money on the side. There are so many options available for those who have a mind for arts and crafts. For example, did you know that you could create a lamp that could open like a book?

crafts for sale

There are plenty of other options, as well, including special types of picture frames and bookmarks. Thanks to the web, consumerism has never been as rampant as it is now. If something looks unique and is eye-catching, someone is going to be interested in it. Assuming the business takes off, you might even start doing special orders.

Writing Fiction

One of the best things about the internet is how it opened up so many avenues that were closed before. Among these are websites where you can post the things that you write and even earn money in the process. That’s right, you don’t need to depend on publishers anymore if you want to become a writer. These days, you can just visit some of the most popular web novel sites and post there.

How to write fiction

If you only want to write and have people read it instead of money, that’s fine too. You could post entire books of your work if you want, but chapters are fine too. Putting up one chapter a day is normal for many web writers while some do one per week or month. It will be up to you.


Staying at home can be boring, even with chores and kids to take care of. With the right hobbies, though, moms can stay active, productive, and happy. They could even make money on the side!

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