7 proven ways you can start your essay

Let’s face it, to start an introductory paragraph of the essay is a big challenge for many students. Even body and conclusion paragraphs are often much easier to write than to come up with a good introduction. However, since this part is the most important one, you need to make every effort to ensure it will grab the reader’s attention from the very first sentence. After all, if your introductory paragraph does not make a good first impression, no one will want to keep reading your paper. So the question is how to start an essay? In fact, there are seven proven ways you can use with confidence:

  1. Intriguing question

To set a question at the very beginning of your paper is a reliable way to make your reader look for the answer. It’s all about using the element of curiosity. However, make sure your question is related to your topic and the answer can be found in the body paragraphs.

  1. Anecdote

People love short stories, so feel free to start your essay with one of them. Whether it comes to a certain incident from your own life, a fictional story, or a funny joke, a good anecdote is guaranteed to captivate your reader and get them involved in the topic.

  1. Interesting statement

An interesting statement is another great hook you can use to attract the reader’s attention. However, this method requires you to include not just any, but a truly unique, thought-provoking statement that will make your reader look for an explanation for how you have come up with it.

  1. Memorable quote

Including a memorable quote from a respected person can also create a good hook for your essay. These may include not only famous sayings, but also a piece of poem or a movie quote everyone is familiar with. The only thing to consider is that this quote should always be relevant to your topic.

  1. Shocking statistics

One more great way to start an essay is to include shocking statistics that are hard to believe in. Such an approach is guaranteed to grab the reader’s attention and make them read the rest of your essay just to find out how this can be true.

  1. Detailed scene

Sometimes the best way to start your essay and to engage the reader is to describe a certain object, incident, or place in detail. This is especially true for descriptive essays that require the author to formulate a vivid image in the reader’s head.

  1. Hot problem

Some types of essay can be started right with presenting a problem that will be discussed. However, don’t include any conclusions in the introductory paragraph. You are only required to introduce the purpose of your writing and provide major points that will hook the reader.

The above ways are guaranteed to get your ideas flowing. Just choose the one that suits your assignment requirements and start writing. You can even mix several of them if you want or you can ask for a help essayamerica.com.




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